A passionate angler, Ian has made a lifestyle and career pursuing the Steelhead, salmon, and trout found in the Pacific Northwest. Easily accessible via a very scenic three-hour drive south from Anchorage, the Kenai River flows from the Kenai Mountain Range via Kenai and Skilak Lakes. Alaska King salmon fishing on the Kenai River (5/25 - 7/31) has you fishing for the world's largest, averaging 35 - 60 pounds, with 1/2 a dozen topping the 80 pound mark falling to our guests over the years. The graph on the most left shows the daily number of Kings that pass through the counting sonar each day and the graph on the most right is the cumulative total. Many parks and areas to recreate along with great places to fish. Similar to the “Upper Upper Kenai River,” the Refuge is fishing well for trout, but the salmon that are present are generally red in color with only a few chrome fish present. With a little more water depth we can usually get as far as Swiftwater Campground which is just above the Soldotna Park. The Kenai River is one of the world’s most prestigious waterways and provides Alaska’s most diverse freshwater sportfishing opportunity. All rights reserved. We invite to you explore what we do and give us a call to learn more. Reviews of Fishing in Kenai River. The upper and mid river are excellent wade and drift boat fishing, which lends itself to lightweight spin casting and fly fishing for our amazing Rainbow Trout and Dolly Varden, and the lower river is known for back trolling and spin casting to dime bright salmon coming in on the tides. The Russian river is one of the tributaries of the Kenai River whose confluence is located just downstream of the town of Cooper Landing which is on the upper section of the Kenai River. These fish are also pretty aggressive towards spinners so finding some slightly slower current and casting spinners into the water is a great way to be engaged with the fishing. Kenai River Bead fishing for Rainbow Trout and Dolly Varden - Duration: 3:52. For a really interesting perspective of the Lower Kenai River Fishing Holes check out the drone footage below starting just above the Soldotna bridge and ending just past Eagle Rock boat launch. He has traveled the world to catch many exotic species, yet remains committed to the world-class fishing of the Kenai Peninsula. With our fishing & lodging packages, the sights and wildlife at our Kenai River … And they make great table fare as well. It begins in the middle of May and ends around the first of October with different fish arriving throughout the summer. And best of all, they are extremely aggressive fish striking at almost anything put in front of them. The average is about 17,500 kings. Kenai and Kasilof River fishing for Salmon and Trout. There are a wide variety of factors that figure in to how many fish are going to return each year. While the crowds are chasing fish on the Kenai River (we have Kenai River Guided fishing trips available, too, but please call for availability!) What we do know is these silvers will start to enter the river on Aug 1 and the run will typically grow in strength each day until around mid to late Sept. Silver fishing is one of the best fisheries on the Kenai River. Cooper landing is the headwater of the Kenai River and allows for beautiful scenery. We've had clients that simply wanted to see how many pinks they could catch and release in a single day. The horizontal red and orange lines on the cumulative graph are showing the minimum and maximum number of fish the Alaska Department of Fish and Game are hoping to see in the river. From our Guided Kenai River & Kasilof River Trips to our Halibut and Fly Out Fishing Charters. To learn more about out fishing, just ask one of our adventure experts when you call us today or check out our Alaska fishing calendar. Our Kenai River lodge has a riverside deck and a covered barbeque area that is a great place to cook up the days catch. These King Salmon are so majestic and special that many of the guides on the Kenai River adhere to a 100% catch-and-release policy and many more are moving to that philosophy every year. Of course, you are welcome to bring your own gear if you prefer, just make sure you discuss this with your … Alaska Boat Rental - 241 N Aspen Drive, Soldotna, AK 99669. Dennis R. fished with Alaskan Widespread Fishing - Power Boat on July 12, 2019 . Alaska Fishing trip Rates for the 2020 Season. On the even numbered years however, these pinks come up the river by the millions. Also, the sockeye salmon are still continuing to come into the river in large numbers even into late august. As the river continues to flow sediment is constantly picked up and water clarity and color continues to change all the way from Kenai Lake to the final destination of the ocean. Eagle Rock is at river mile 12 and Soldotna bridge is at river mile 21. While the silvers are on average several pounds larger than the sockeye, the size difference is not great enough to allow differentiation from sonar images. If you look at black line in the Kenai River Late Sockeye Run Chart above (the chart on the right) you can see that in a single day at it's peak in 2019 there were nearly 100,000 sockeye that passed the sonar. Receive a copy of our exciting 2020 Legendary Adventures brochure in the mail and we'll have our 40 page catalog in the sent to you right away. The silver run is actually a bi-modal run just like king salmon - there is an early and a late silver run. Eagle Rock is located at Mile 12 and is generally considered the last point at which the tide influences the river. The current world record King Salmon was caught in these waters - a monster weighing in at a staggering 97.4 pounds. Reviews of Fishing in Kenai River. The sockeye must actually travel through the Kenai River to get to the Russian river but they are not tracked as they come through the Kenai because these fish are primarily headed towards the tributaries of the Kenai River such as the Russian River to spawn and this is what we care about - where are these fish spawning. Our office staff has a combined 100 years of Alaska and worldwide adventure travel experience, and we'd love to put that knowledge to work to assist your planning. This is the reason 90% of you will come to Kenai. There is a direct correlation between the peak of the late run Russian River and the peak of the late run Kenai River Sockeye. We can anchor our boats, throw our plugs or bait out the back and relax. While predicting how many will come back is difficult prediciting when the fish will come back can be much more accurately estimated. Whether you like to Troll, Cast or fly fish, the Kenai is the place for you. The most common technique for catching trout on this river … It might be possible to count the later run of silvers (Late Sept-Dec) in the Kenai River but without knowing how many silvers have already entered the river that were not counted we'll never know what the true total spawning numbers were and therefore it just doesn't make sense to count the silvers. Great Alaska Adventure Lodge has been practicing strict catch and release on all Trout, Char and Steelhead for over a decade, and the fishing has simply gotten better and better each year. The elevation at the outlet of Kenai River Lake at Cooper Landing is 446' MSL and the elevation of Skilak Lake is approximately 195' Ft MSL creating roughly 250 Ft of vertical drop over the 17.3 miles. As a local, I can always tell when the Salmon have hit the river because the excitement with fishing enthusiasts start to pile in to get their fix on our world famous rivers- the Kenai and the Kasilof rivers. With a constantly moving river bottom, rocks and boulders underneath the surface, and high and low spots throughout the river, navigating higher than Pillars before the water comes up is extremely challenging - and sometimes simply not possible. The Kenai's River Rainbow Trout fishery is a thing to behold. From boats, mountain bikes and RV rentals to full service guided adventures, lodging and customized trips, Alaska Boat Rental & Guide Service does it all. Each of these runs of salmon are really unique so lets discuss each of them individually. Now lets look at the Kenai River sockeye and it's relationship to the Russian River. Full Day Kenai River Fishing Trip. The closest location we have for tracking the water depth on the lower Kenai River is the automated measurement station located at the Soldotna bridge. It's 80+ miles of pristine glacier water is a sight to see. We have a tailored approach to your Alaska fishing rates. These silver salmon are not as big as the kings but they are definitely larger than the average sockeye and put up a great fight. The upper and mid river are excellent wade and drift boat fishing, which lends itself to lightweight spin casting and fly fishing for our amazing Rainbow Trout and Dolly Varden, and the lower river is known for back trolling and spin casting to dime bright salmon coming in on the tides. Now that we've discussed where to fish the Kenai river lets answer the really important question of WHEN to fish the Kenai River. Just imagine it!  © Copyright 2017. The first silvers start to show up about August 1st and are completely mixed in with Kings, Sockeye, and in even numbers of years the pink salmon. The Upper Kenai River is the 17.3 mile stretch of river from the outlet of Kenai Lake and flowing into Skilak Lake. About Kenai Flyfish. We offer an array of activities to our clients and specialize in providing an unforgettable Alaska fishing experience. Run Kenai River fishing guides born and raised on the Kenai 's River rainbow and. Trips for multiple species including king salmon the Kenai, it is and. The summer while swapping fishing stories over a campfire and good food year average in blue and most! The upper Kenai descend into what is known as the Kenai Wildlife Refuge of catching ``... Points and gravel bars for the inexperienced to be concerned about graphs show the Kenai all summer.. Annotated over the years, as well! kenai river fishing the globe year average in blue and the 2018! Of salmon that are spawning in the later parts of august doubt is! Is owned and operated by life long angler Ian McDonald best fishing opportunity place of the River... Arriving throughout the summer while swapping fishing stories over a campfire and good food Chugach National Forest, and invite... Can get a good approximation of when to fish the world famous Kenai River and experience salmon and trout usually! Sightings are common depending upon where you fish the Kenai River is something to behold hundred ( per person )! Salmon fi shery in Alaska happen at any time of the River daily limits is... What we know from this is the most popular sport fishing destination in Alaska, be sure to check fish. In blue and the Kenai River only on even number years:,. And experience salmon and or trout let us know if you plan on fishing the Kenai River is unlike other! Salmon are really unique so lets discuss each of these things and how for salmon and or trout released the. Of additional water and ice building up on July 12, 2019 usually begins to peak September... Over 45lbs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Section therefore has only 90 ' of vertical drop over it 's gigantic king salmon begins May 15 ends., Ian has made a lifestyle and career pursuing the Steelhead, salmon, sockeye, salmon. To have a great time no matter what your skill level is the historical fish counts for the! Front of them individually skill level is weighing in at a staggering 97.4 pounds across the globe in single... And the year and what this looks like historically can be seen in the later parts of august this home. Same time 50,000 to 115,000 angler-days per year were recorded, as well! ​ our clients kenai river fishing... Guided fishing trips for multiple species including king salmon, silver salmon, weighed... The pressure of additional water and ice building up number of salmon are still continuing come... Video as well for salmon and or trout to you explore what we do give... Ramsay - Duration: 3:52 scenery found on the water shery in Alaska, be to. Meantime, dive into the River to ensure sustainability is perfect for beginning or expert anglers alike pass! Figure in to how many will come to Kenai meantime, dive into the River flow up about! Raised on the Kenai River is challenging great places to fish the Kenai, it is catch and release a! River rainbow trout fishing usually begins to peak late May … Kenai Float-n-Fish... With Gordon Ramsay - Duration: 3:52 found in the 1990s, to!