No one does this with an existing build because you loose 5-7" worth of floor height. The bad areas are mainly in the 1/3 of the floor nearest the alley, The other 2/3 of the floor are still intact. Good luck. sleeper-constructed subfloor – … I've read that using two layers of OSB in perpendicular layouts is perferred, but I don't know if I can pull that off since … My plan had been to lay down rubber acoustic mat and subfloor, and insulate ASAP, but now with the decision to add insulation I am wondering about 2" of Iso, or even possibly Roxul 80, with a double 1/2" or even double 3/4" floating subfloor over that. You would have a seam between the two concretes but that is nothing if this is to remain a garage. We have an upcoming project that involves fastening sleepers to a concrete floor to bring it up the same height as the adjoining floors. Concrete on or below grade will have some moisture in it due to its proximity to the ground. Then install your subfloor over that once your floor is level. My foundation is concrete slab throughout, which I found out has multiple cracks up to 1/4…, Cracking noises when we walk on engineered wood floors, Loose or Creaking Boards & Tight or Popping Boards, recommendation to hire an experienced pro, Loose boards due to a dip in concrete subfloor. Search Results for "Sleeper Floor Over Concrete" 03:49. Check the floor with a level to know how much you need to taper the sleepers. On and on it goes. 2x4 Sleepers shimmed over Concrete Slab - Once all the floors were ripped out, we started to reconstruct the new floors to the same specifications to the old floor. Lay as many of these sheets as you need on the concrete to make the first layer of subfloor. No amount of "turn the heat on" is going to turn a years worth of moisture around. Oct 4, 2018 - How to install subfloor sleepers over slab in the basement and other rooms with a concrete floor. You can attach wood sleepers to the floor, fill the gaps with rigid-foam insulation, and then apply your finish flooring. I really just want to be able to push my bike in and work on it without killing myself (age 63, getting creakier), and have better-functioning doors. (See Figure 3.) A new wood subfloor is then nailed to the sleepers, and the wood finish floor is nailed to the new subfloor. Get out your cheque book or get ready to battle it out in small claims court. Why the den is more affected than the rest of the "wood on concrete" areas? Gabriel Connor Salter. If you have pre-drilled each length of timber and assigned it a spot on the slab, this should be a relatively easy process. We own a small condo on Cape Cod. No fasteners penetrate the retarder or the concrete. I say 16" because they will be easier to level. However a wooden subfloor helps insulate the flooring from the cold … The plywood can be fastened through the rigid foam to the concrete slab below with TapCon fasteners. Probably has to do with how much water is sitting UNDERNEATH the slab and where the slope of the land causes the water to POOL underneath the den...some sort of explaination like that is most likely. Using the sleeper method, however, allows for placing 1 1/2-inch-thick rigid foam insulation between the sleepers, which may be important for comfort and energy savings, depending upon the floor’s location. Pictures of the slab would help. Any caveats or suggestions? How to attach car license plates on a garage wall ? Q: I am installing a new hardwood floor. Gabriel Connor Salter. Sleeper subfloor materials. Try to make it so no seams overlap. You should still chaulk off the center line of the sleepers on the subfloor so you can nail through the subfloor into the sleeper. This can cause problems with exterior door entries and other fixed objects. How to attach a piece of wood to a shelf standard. Q: I am installing a new hardwood floor. We opted to do this rather than put the sleepers on top of the foam board because ceiling height is a concern. Beneath the subfloor, we are putting PT sleepers around the perimeter of the room and then encasing the foamboard between the sleepers, alternating with sleepers in between each foam board sheet. Or, as demonstrated here, you can cover the slab with rigid-foam insulation, add two layers of plywood, and then add the finish flooring. Instead of installing sleepers, you should install a continuous layer of rigid foam on top of your existing concrete slab -- as thick as you are willing to install -- followed by a plywood subfloor. Posted by 1 year ago.
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