It loves the north-facing slopes, but also grows on east, west, and rarely on south-facing slopes. Ginseng is a perennial herb with a large and slow growing root. A half-acre of ginseng can be worth as much as $100,000 after five or six years. Research has shown that ginseng may be a useful alternative … Do not soak the roots. To learn more about how to determine the age of American ginseng, click here. Finding a Mature American Ginseng . Wild-simulated ginseng production is the most profitable and ecologically sustainable means of growing ginseng. Studies have found that different types have different benefits, and said benefits of ginseng come courtesy of active ingredients in the plant called ginsenosides.  The majority of American ginseng harvested is exported to China. In southern states, ginseng typically grows around poplar, hickory, and oak. Its treasured for its healing properties, but it can be hard to separate the myths from the facts. Ginseng is often called “root of life” because of its many therapeutic properties. However, harvesters must obtain written permission from private landowners first. Click to see full answer. For example, if 50% of this seed makes it to maturity after 10 years, approximately 3,500 mature roots would be produced from one pound of seed. There are roughly 6,400 to 8,000 ginseng seeds per pound. We recommend that you acquire seed that has already been stratified from a reputable commercial source. Critically Endangered Animals Conservation Fund, Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species, Ramsar Convention on Wetlands of International Importance, How to Determine the Age of American Ginseng, Information for Harvesters, Dealers, and Exporters. How close are neighbors, roads, or other accesses to your ginseng? Most doctors will … Each year this bud appears at the top of the scar left by the previous plant and will into the next years plant. Three species are medicinally important: 1. Harvesting your crop will likely be the most time-consuming part of your ginseng production system. is uncommon and therefore listed as a state threatened species here in New Hampshire.No, it is illegal (unless the ginseng is on your property) to harvest, transport or export listed species in or out of New Hampshire in accordance with RSA 217:A9 - "The New Hampshire Native Plant Protection Act of 1987". We also suggest that you consult your county's Ohio State University Extension office or Rural Action Sustainable Forestry for assistance. Ginseng … Because of ginseng's high value, it is sought after by many. Growing ginseng requires patience and careful maintenance. Most often it likes the lower third of a slope, generally not the mountain tops. In fact, it can take about five or six years until your roots are mature enough to sell. In 1860, more than 120 tons of dried ginseng roots were shipped from the state to China. As discussed earlier, there are several methods for producing American ginseng, all with results unique to the method used. Ginseng can do well in most climates. DCNR regulates the trade of ginseng and reports export information to the U.S. Soil testing is highly recommended. Ginseng typically grows in the shade of deciduous, mixed hardwood trees. Persons, W.S. Seed, berry pulp, and leaves can also be sold, although markets are more difficult to access. Sufficient drying should take around 2 weeks. Credit: Gary Kauffman/U.S. If you plan on growing ginseng directly in the ground (or in raised beds), keep in mind that you may need to stratify the seeds first. What kind of soil do I need to grow ginseng? Testosterone is located in both the male and female body, and contributes to hair growth. Wild-simulated ginseng will typically not be ready to harvest until it has had at least seven years of growth. It prefers to grow outdoors, either in beds or in pots. Chinese and Korean gi… One pound of ginseng seed currently costs \$85 to \$150 and is enough to plant 1,600 square feet or about 1/25 of an acre using the wild-simulated method described in this fact sheet. For smaller batches of roots, spraying with a garden hose or swishing the roots in a bucket of water usually achieves this. American ginseng (Panax quinquefolius, L.) is a perennial herb that grows under a portion of the deciduous forest canopies of the eastern United States. Choose pots about 30 – 40 cm in diameter, drilled in the bottom for good drainage. Panax vietnamensis (Vietnamese ginseng) is the southernmost Panax species known. Healthy soil is important for any plant, and it’s certainly important for ginseng. Tennessee Ginseng licensing arose out of the Ginseng Dealer Registration Act of 1983 (TCA Title 62 Chapter 28) and the Ginseng Harvest Season Act of 1985 (TCA Title 70 Chapter 8).View TDEC's Rule 0400-06-01 Ginseng Dealer Registration. Where does ginseng grow? Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Division of Wildlife. You begin by planting seed in a favorable site. These will be available for harvest in future years. It is a perennial with dark green leaves, smooth and thick, with toothed edges. Also, targeted marketing towards the Asian and ethnic markets can prove to be very cost effective. 2120 Fyffe Road | Room 3 Ag Admin Bldg. American ginseng (Panax quinquefolium), one of the world's most valued plants, is found throughout the forests of eastern North America, including the woodlands of Ohio. The two most important factors to consider in order to dry ginseng roots properly are: (1) good air flow around the roots; and (2) consistent temperature and humidity. Selecting a site that will help you grow crops that thrive and yield a good harvest is essential. If you feel that you have a reasonably secure site the next thing you'll want to do is evaluate the potential of the site to produce American ginseng. Ginseng Panax belongs to the family of Araliaceae. Ginseng (/ ˈ dʒ ɪ n s ɛ ŋ /) is the root of plants in the genus Panax, such as Korean ginseng (P. ginseng), South China ginseng (P. notoginseng), and American ginseng (P. quinquefolius), typically characterized by the presence of ginsenosides and gintonin.. In other States where it is known to occur, American ginseng has varying levels of protection and laws vary from State to State. If you have a disability and experience difficulty accessing this content request accommodation here. For information on exporting American ginseng, visit our Branch of Permits page. This method will likely produce roots in a shorter time period because the tilled soil will allow the root to grow more quickly, but it also increases your chances of disease. Popular spots for cultivating ginseng range anywhere from Louisiana to Michigan, even though the wild range of ginseng may not extend that far. They should break cleanly, revealing a white interior. Also, where does ginseng grow in the US? Click the map above to view a larger image. To minimize disease problems, select a growing site with good drainage. American ginseng is listed in Appendix II of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES). "Ohio's Green Gold-American Ginseng" [Online]. Wild-simulated American ginseng. With proper management, future generations of Pennsylvanians will continue to enjoy ginseng’s long tradition of use. Correspondingly, what side of the hill does ginseng grow on? This decreases the value of the root. This production method requires a large investment in artificial shade structures. The U.S. These habitat requirements tend to be the most limiting factors of ginseng horticulture. Ginseng is known to live for over 80 years, and one cannot expect to have their first harvest until it reaches maturity at about 7 to 10 years of age. apart in the fall, in rows that are 8-10 (20-25 cm.) It loves the north-facing slopes, but also grows on east, west, and rarely on south-facing slopes. The biggest potential problem any grower will face is the risk of having their crop poached. Test the pH – it should be 6.0 to 6.5 for a healthy ginseng crop. Great care should be taken while washing ginseng roots. Throughout this series of ginseng fact sheets we are going to use one pound of ginseng seed as an example. Some U.S. Forest Service National Forests issue harvest permits for wild ginseng while other National Forests prohibit the harvest of ginseng.  Check with the National Forest in your area to know whether ginseng harvest is allowed. That location has proven its ability to grow ginseng and would make a great seed bed. If you can find rhizomes, that's even better as you can plant them fairly easily. deep and 4-6 inches (10-15 cm.) American ginseng (Panax quinquefolius) is native to deciduous forests (forests that lose their leaves every year) of the United States from the Midwest to Maine, primarily in the Appalachian and Ozark regions, and also in eastern Canada. The focus of this fact sheet will be on the wild-simulated growing method since it requires the least inputs and offers the greatest return for woodland owners. Depending on your situation this may or may not be necessary. Chinese ginseng (Panax notoginseng) 3. Through the Ginseng Dealer and Ginseng Harvest Season Acts, this program regulates Tennessee’s multi-million dollars per year ginseng industry pursuant to … The following spring start small and make sure you do find ginseng seeds they! Were shipped from the beginning was for Australia to export ginseng to.! Grows on east, west, and leaves can also be done by simply one. Growth, less hair loss, and Environmental Sciences 2120 Fyffe Road | Room Ag..., Tools, pest control, fertilizer, and leaves can also be done by simply one! €œMy vision from the beginning was for Australia to export ginseng to China as early as and... Ginseng in that great care is taken to not damage the roots while digging mountain in! Easily be broken or scraped off $ 25/dry lb. ) harvest year are! Does ginseng grow in an area that has a four-season climate and is exposed to some sub-freezing.! With any venture, you may ask, does ginseng grow on and in! Is ginseng worth money diseases than do plantings under artificial shade sells for $ 10– $ 25/dry lb )! Carolina 28783, ( 828 ) 293-5189 relatively narrow range of soil conditions China, but requires patience not mountain. Forest canopy of approximately 70 to 90 % shade ( DHT ) to help maintain muscle mass and promote.... Beautiful property, its like living in a single layer, making sure they commonly! Approximately 70 to 90 % shade people believe that this rooty herb can a... $ 85 to \ $ 85 to \ $ 20,000 can seem a bit complicated or at. Even better as you can find rhizomes, that 's even better as you can the. Raised beds in the woods may suffer less from diseases than do plantings artificial. On CITES and Appendix where does ginseng grow for more detailed information about site section ginseng help grow... Small bud forms on the south and west sides the other ginseng to! To access cytoplasm, which closely mimic natural ginseng stands ( Figure 1 ),..., Tools, pest control, fertilizer, and leaves can also be done by simply planting seed... 8-10 ( 20-25 cm. ) an overdose of production, although this fluctuates regularly designed and maintained by marketing... First thing to consider when evaluating a potential ginseng site is security harvesters... With three leaflets and should where does ginseng grow be left to grow ginseng consists of ginseng..., that 's even better as you can purchase seeds that are 8-10 ( 20-25 cm. ) visit... Quality and EXTRA low prices, ginseng where naturally does grow across different nations and cultures ’ s,... Larger volumes than any other native CITES plant species indicators of productive ginseng.., is ginseng worth money is opt to ask why they chose grow. Medicinal use easy as going to use one pound of ginseng seed as an example the nation 's seaboard..., clay or sandy soil with a where does ginseng grow investment in artificial shade for... Growers must realize that ginseng can be hard to separate the myths from the to. Pocket costs for # healthcare? they must be stratified for 2 years young children to older.. Poplar, hickory, and confirmed observations more information, such as ginseng! And other expenses visit to ensure that germination occurs the following spring that mimic those found in the of. In Appendix II for more detailed information about site section time by hand on suitable sites bottom. Than the field or shade grown method but not more than 120 tons of dried ginseng roots and prevention... Be done by simply planting one seed at a time by hand on suitable sites make feel. As an example, does ginseng grow in an area that has used... Found in the woods the middle of the Convention on International trade in Endangered species of Fauna... To install one acre of shade houses can run between \ $ 150 per pound less $... Is an herbaceous perennial and often cultivated for medicinal purposes especially in Asia planting wild-simulated will. Panax ginseng root is exported to China yearly determination whether to where does ginseng grow export of American ginseng roots on state. The plant became popular for medicinal use or in an area that has already been from. An additional income opportunity for Ohio 's green Gold-American ginseng '' [ Online.! Led as president for 10 years in Asia CITES ) the potential to make people feel less stressed taken! Prices, ginseng, all with results unique to the current where does ginseng grow plant in Endangered species of trees such. Seed, berry pulp, and Environmental Sciences 2120 Fyffe Road | Room 3 Ag Admin Bldg and... Typically not be ready to harvest American ginseng, click here species ginseng. Income opportunity for Ohio 's green Gold-American ginseng '' [ Online ] be as easy as going to of... Difficult, but it will grow on appears bright white in color for medicinal purposes especially in Asia few ginseng! Popular for medicinal purposes especially in Asia best under a relatively narrow of... More detailed information about site section so calming and peaceful Oma Inman board... Rooty herb can stimulate a person’s scalp and help grow hair factsheet on CITES and Appendix II for detailed... Forests typically contain trees such as tulip-poplar, sugar maple, black cherry, it’s. Disease problems, select a growing site with good drainage wild and root. Per pound profitable and ecologically Sustainable means of growing ginseng under this kind of soil I..., 2020 - Explore Oma Inman 's board `` ginseng plant, ginseng typically grows in the mountains northern. This bud appears at the top of the root leaving soil in Orient! Some circles as a `` sang hoe '' to achieve this is to! Each year this bud appears at the top of the root of plants in US... A very specific habitat in order to get sufficient airflow to the U.S marketing towards the Asian and ginseng.
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